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CHARLIE CHAPLIN: 5 great movies for free !
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr, KBE, (April 16, 1889–December 25, 1977), known as Charlie Chaplin, was a British actor, the most famous actor in early to mid Hollywood cinema era, and also a notable director. His principal character was "The Tramp": a vagrant with the refined manners and dignity of a gentleman who wears a tight coat, oversized pants and shoes, a derby or bowler hat, a bamboo cane, and his signature toothbrush moustache.

Chaplin was one of the most creative and influencial personalities in the silent film era; he acted in, directed, scripted, produced, and eventually scored his own films. He led one of the more remarkable and colorful lives of the 20th century, from a Dickens-like childhood in London to the pinnacle of world fame and acclaim in the film industry and as a cultural icon. His high-profile public life encompassed amazing highs and lows of both adulation and controversy.

Chaplin won two honorary Oscars. When the first Oscars were awarded on May 16, 1929, the voting audit procedures that now exist had not yet been put into place, and the categories were still very fluid.

Chaplin had originally been nominated for both Best Actor and Best Comedy Directing for his movie The Circus, but his name was withdrawn and the Academy decided to give him a special award "for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing "The Circus" instead. The other film to receive a special award that year was The Jazz Singer.

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The kid
The Kid: Auto Race in Venice
The Gold Rush
Charlie Chaplin Festival
A Night in the show

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